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Reduce Body Toxins with Activated Charcoal


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Hand Pressure Points – Every Body Part Is In The Palm Of Your Hand

Western medicine has not yet satisfactorily addressed chronic pain or discomfort in varying parts of our body. Alternative medicine can often be light-years ahead when it comes to relieving pain.

Although a combination of both western and alternative medicine, is probably the most sensible route overall, it is worth looking at the benefits of an alternative form of pain resolution, such as reflexology.

The principles of reflexology have led to the idea of finding the pressure points within the palm of your hand that are connected to the part of the body causing you pain. By pressing the thumb point into the corresponding part of the hand for 5 seconds, releasing for 3 seconds, pressing again and repeating this cycle for several minutes, several times a day you will get results. This methodology as well as others are demonstrated in this video.

In the video you are about to watch, Dr. Oz’s guest is a reflexologist who explains that both the hands and feet can be seen as a microcosm of our entire body. Five audience members come to the stage to explain what part of their body is causing them chronic discomfort or pain. For each malady, the reflexologist explains which part of the palm is connected to the body part involved. She then demonstrates how using one hand, different forms of pressing or massaging of a particular part of the palm of the other hand will, over time, alleviate the pain experienced.

The audience members in this video suffered from: (1) Constipation and bloating (2) Insomnia and exhaustion (3) Sinus congestion (4) Upper back pain (5) Low libido. The reflexologist showed them how to work on their own palms to alleviate their pain or problem. She explained what sensations they would experience as they applied pressure and massage, that would signal that they were working in the correct area. Her explanations were fascinating and easy to follow.

After watching this I will try a few of the methods demonstrated for things that I need relief from. Let us know what you think about reflexology after watching the video. Have you ever tried it and had success? Will you give it a try?

September 10, 2015


10 Most Overlooked Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue

Conventional medical wisdom only recognizes the most extreme version of adrenal fatigue known as Addison’s disease. Often connected to a severe autoimmune disease, about 4 out of 100,000 people are diagnosed with Addison’s, making it extremely rare. A more subtle version of the disease called non-Addison’s hypoadrenia, or adrenal fatigue, is not an official medical condition as typical testing methods do not measure low hormonal levels caused from depleted adrenal glands. Thus, when patients experience symptoms related to low adrenal levels and seek treatment, they are often sent home with no diagnosis as or a misdiagnosis resulting in unnecessary pharmaceutical intervention.

However, with holistic health practitioners and an increasing body of Medical Doctors leading the way, more and more health care professionals are acknowledging the existence of adrenal fatigue and the subsequent affects it has on our overall health. Adrenal fatigue

It’s important to remember that the adrenal glands, though less than the size of a walnut, produce some of the most vital compounds in our body. One of the most important compounds produced are the hormones our body uses to adapt to stress. However, when the adrenal glands are over worked or over stressed adrenal fatigue can set in which causes several consequences for our overall health.

10 Symptoms of Adrenal fatigue

Unfortunately, there are no tests that diagnose adrenal fatigue. Diagnosis is made by observing these symptoms.

(1) Feeling tired all the time- You wake up tired, even after what should have been a good night’s sleep. You nap, but never feel like you’ve had enough.
(2) Low libido.
(3) Craving for salty and sweet foods
(4) Dizzy or light headed while getting up quickly from sitting or prone positions.
(5) Increased PMS or menopausal symptoms.
(6) Mood swings that were uncharacteristic earlier in life.
(7) Often spacey, or foggy thinking, even memory loss.
(8) Hormonal imbalance and/or depletion.
(9) Constant muscular tension leading to hypertension and high blood pressure. Inability to relax completely.
(10) Autoimmune issues: constantly catching colds or allergic reactions.


Rebuilding your adrenals

You can feel well again, but  it does take time.

If you have adrenal fatigue, you can fully live life again by making the necessary lifestyle and dietary changes to treat your disorder. Here is what you need to do.

-Eat organic, healthy natural foods.

-Sleep at least 8 hours a day.


-Minimize stress

-Eat regular meals

-Avoiding junk  and processed food

-Eat a lot of vegetables daily.

-Take calcium and magnesium supplements

-Adding sea salt to your diet

-Take B-complex supplements

-Take licorice root extract


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