When we are young, we are carefree and non committal to a healthy lifestyle. Truth is, Our Food, Our Health and Quality of Life are key issues when we start to get on in age and we all take notice of our mortality as we reach 50+.


It is our goal at Cymantra to provide information that may save your life, or improve the quality of your life. These days there are so many contradicting views and unqualified information or research that lacks studies and human trials, but we can’t wait that long. We need the best current inside information now,  or at least word on the street about the things we subject to our body and minds.

How safe are e-cigarettes or other recent technologies ? It can be hard to discern as there may not be sufficient available data on the subject yet. We need a few decades to gather that kind of data. Cymantra will try to provide current, reliable opinions of the professionals and knowledgeable experts and bring you the best information we can find on a myriad of topics.


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